Succession Planning

Succession Planning has been given many and differing meanings over the years in professional texts and journals. At Covisory we take a simplistic and holistic view of the topic and define it simply as the passing of assets and wealth for the benefit of future generations.

Each family’s circumstances and needs are different so we do not start with pre conceived plans or checklists. We focus instead on what the family would like to achieve, then set out to determine how best to do that while providing advice and comments based on many years of experience.

Succession Planning - Areas of focus


Planning successfully for Succession means that you will need to draw from many different aspects of expertise.  

Our team of experts can assist you with:

  • Helping families determine if future generations are up to running the family business or the assets of the family office.
  • Cash Flow needs and forecasting.
    • How can children be assisted into buying houses.
  • Ensuring a mentality of entitlement is avoided in beneficiaries, and that trust fund babies with all the negative connotations are avoided.
    • Most families remain happy to support children that are a productive asset to society, not a drain on it.
  • Reviewing and designing trust structures to enable wealth to pass down generations.
  • Identifying and reviewing options for the future of family businesses and assets, be it sale, succession by family members into key roles (and their training and development) and / or the introduction and appointment of either a formal board structure or advisory board.


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