Relationship Property - Business and Share Valuations

Covisory’s Business Valuations team has extensive experience and expertise in assisting in the settlement of relationship property disputes.

Whilst Business and Share valuations are at the forefront of the independent expert assistance and opinions the team provides - acting for both Applicants and Defendants, as well as Court-appointed – their expertise and opinions also encompass.

  • The value of partnerships and trusts,
  • The value of other Relationship Property interests – e.g. shareholder and beneficiary current and loan accounts, the increase in the value of Separate Property when such is deemed Relationship Property, and 
  • Assessing the value of Economic Disparity claims.


Business and Share valuations have become even more complicated due to the economic fallout from Covid-19. Many businesses will face fundamental changes in the markets they operate in, their operational practices and short to medium-term business outlook generally. This will add further complexity in assessing future maintainable earnings and an appropriate earnings multiple.

Having experienced prior economic downturns, combined with their market transaction business returns data, means the Covisory team is well placed to undertake Business and Share valuations in the current environment.

The past tells us that Business and Share valuations will in general drop as a result of the economic fallout from Covid-19. Where parties have recently concluded settlement agreements or have had orders for property disputes made by the courts, those agreements or orders could well be reviewed if the value is significantly impacted by Covid-19, particularly if this is assessed to be a permanent diminution in value. Whether the diminution in value resulting from Covid-19 is temporary or permanent will form a critical judgement by the valuer in current-day valuations.