The Covisory team are specialists in New Zealand and international tax and trusts. We regularly work on these types of engagements dealing with people like you. Based on your personal circumstances we can work equally with your existing offshore advisors or we have our own extensive international network to tap into.

We can also handle your New Zealand accounting and the nuances of it as it applies to both your New Zealand assets and income, and your international tax complications. We also have strong onshore links to all services that you will require such as immigration, banking, real estate, insurance, lawyers etc.

Above all, we offer proactive and practical advice which is tailored to your specific needs.

Our expertise covers:

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Key Points

  1. The key is to obtain advice before you come back to New Zealand, but some knowledge is certainly helpful. The key is to understand firstly whether you will be a transitional resident or not and then which aspects of New Zealand tax could adversely affect you. If you are a transitional resident, then timing at least provides a 48-month window for you to get a lot of these issues sorted.

  2. Trusts, in particular, are problematic where you have created a trust while you have been non-resident in New Zealand. Specific advice should be taken on trusts.

  3. Finally, while COVID has impacted on the ability to come to New Zealand because of the quarantine and travel restrictions, be careful that if you do come to New Zealand and then as a pre-cursor to moving back, and then return within 6 months, you may inadvertently become tax resident in New Zealand from that initial visit.

  4. Also, you will need to obtain specific advice in relation to your existing jurisdiction and breaking the tax residency there, along with the consequences to that.

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