Business Valuations

At Covisory we offer specialist valuation services. For the Covisory Business Valutions team there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when it comes to business values, but there is a way of going about valuing a business that will make it more ‘right’ than ‘wrong’.

When you or your client requires a Business or Company valuation, we can assist and provide you with the comfort that you have an experienced valuer on the job.

Business and Company valuations we specialise in:

  • Selling, Buying, Restructuring or Raising Capital for a business
  • Shareholders buy-ins, exits and dispute resolution
  • Relationship Property resolution
  • Litigation Support valuations
  • Valuations for Taxation purposes
  • Intellectual Property valuations
  • Valuations for Employee Share/Option schemes.


Our valuations are:

  • Market based – we have data on comparable business transactions
  • Independent – we do not have any relationship with the party commissioning the valuation.
  • Our Valuation Reports are:
    • Professionally prepared and in accord with professional and valuation standards
    • Written so the recipient can readily understand it.


We charge an agreed fixed fee, so there are no surprises for your clients. Unlock the True Value of Your Business - Consult Our Experts Today!