NZ Foreign Trusts

The Covisory team has a broad knowledge of New Zealand and International trust law issues, and a detailed understanding of the practical and commercial issues involving trusts and their implications to you personally and your businesses. We work seamlessly with your lawyers and other advisors to ensure the right vehicle is put into place.

New Zealand Foreign Trusts are an alternative to trusts based in known tax havens. Our international tax experience can help you determine if New Zealand should be part of your international tax and wealth planning structures. 

Our services include:

Foreign Trusts - Independent Trustee Services
  • We will provide independent trustees services to a wide range of New Zealand foreign trusts.
    • Full administration services to ensure the decisions of the trustees, and other parties to the trust, are:
      • Properly documented;
      • Record keeping is up-to-date;
      • Accurate and timely reporting is maintained and communicated to all parties to the trust.
  • Act as a Court Appointed Trustee.
  • Have an independent Trustee Company for New Zealand Foreign Trusts (Covisory (NZ) Trust Limited) which can act as a trustee of a Trust.
Foreign Trusts - Trust Formation
  • We provide full formation services for New Zealand Foreign trusts. Includes:
    • Initial client meetings.
    • Drafting of all trust documentation based on the instruction of the client.
Trust Reviews

 Our team provide a comprehensive and full review of your Trust Structures. This may be due to changes in family dynamics or law changes.

Our review will include:

  • Advice and recommendations on what steps to take on a go-forward basis.
  • Asset Planning & Wealth Protection