What we have been working on - January - February 2021

What have we been working on during January and February 21?

The start to the year was initially slow but has picked up rapidly. Our work remains diverse and varied and currently includes the following:

  1. Chairing a significant medium-sized professional practice and handling disputes between its shareholders.
  2. Successfully negotiating with the IRD over the payment and settlement of arrears of PAYE, GST and income tax for a group of companies and related entities.
  3. Preparing technical submissions for the IRD on GST claimed on secondhand goods purchased and the definition of payment for these purposes. This is a significant transaction involving around $70m of land in Auckland.
  4. Advice on the winding up of an insolvent trust.
  5. Working as a trustee to identify a suitable investment strategy, developing a request for a proposal for fund and wealth managers to provide services, and working with them to determine the best person/s to use and a specific broad range of products within that.
  6. Researching, preparing and providing opinions on several stages of the subdivision of a farm for GST and income tax purposes.
  7. Working with a family to identify a structure for generational succession to see assets transfer from Mum and Dad, ultimately down to their grandchildren.
  8. Developing a structure for a family to undertake a one-off land subdivision activity.
  9. Providing forensic assistance and mediation services in relation to historic queries over financial statements and resolving and mediating differences between disputing parties.

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