Fee Schedule - New Zealand Limited Partnerships

  1. Engagement Letter

        Graded Fee (See NZLP Miscellaneous Fees)

    2. Formation Fee

        Establishing NZLP - $5,000





  • Preparation of partnership deed


  • Time and Cost for transfer of assets and documents
  •  Opening minutes


  • Bespoke / modified deeds / documents
  •  Registration at the NZ Companies Office


  • Filing fees at the NZ Companies Office
  •  Application for NZ IRD number


  • Additional arrangement to hold the shares in the NZ General Partner


    3. Formation Fee for the NZ General Partner

        Please refer to the NZ Companies Fee Schedule.


KYC Checks

  1. $100 Fee to cover KYC checks for parties associated with the Company on either the Company Formation or Covisory taking up a Directorship in an existing Company.
  2. Subsequent AML checks if required will be invoiced individually at $10 per check.


Annual Charges

  1. NZLP – Base charge of $5,000 paid in advance up to $5,000,000 of assets under management.  Additional charge of $1,000 per additional $5,000,000 of assets under management.
  2. NZ General Partner - $1,000




  • Provision of Register Office
  •  Advice
  •  Maintenance of NZLP and NZ General Partner records
  •  Attendance to sign at other premises
  •  Casual Signing (at our offices – up to 10 minutes) this covers most documents
  •  Review/signing of complex or large documents requiring preview.


    3. Annual Financial Statements and Income Tax Return

    • NZLP – Fee estimate provided in advance
    • NZ General Partner - $1,500 (assume non-trading entity)


    4. Annual Return Fee

    • NZLP                                $150
    • NZ General Partner        $150




Resolution approving Financial Statements


Opening of bank account including GP resolution


Contribution of assets


Distribution of assets


Change of General Partner


Change of Limited Partner


Change name of Limited Partnership


Review of Partnership Deed


Structure Review

Time & Cost



  1. All prices are quoted in NZ$ unless stated otherwise and are + GST.
  2. Bespoke will be extra, charged at $500ph + GST.
  3. Prices quoted are for standard only.