Covisory Clients Event - Art Market Trends in New Zealand

Covisory Clients Event
Art Market Trends in New Zealand
- A conversation with Sophie Coupland and Briar Williams

We were delighted to have fine art and valuation specialists Sophie Coupland and Briar Williams of Art Valuations New Zealand join us on our first online seminar to discuss art market trends over the past decade, which artists and periods have performed best – and worst, and the art market in 2020 during this extraordinary Covid-19 environment.

Sophie and Briar answered some of the questions around the nuances of the present fine art market and their thinking around future growth areas.

How art is valued and the different ways that value can be considered is important for anyone looking to insure their artworks and art care will be covered, including some important dos and don’ts.

Briar Williams is a senior fine art valuation specialist and a regular commentator on the New Zealand art market. She writes on the art market for media and subscription-based professional art market services and holds a comprehensive knowledge of current market trends.

Sophie Coupland has over 25 years of experience within the art market and operates as an independent consultant, assisting collectors to make prudent purchase decisions and guiding them through fine art acquisition and investment decisions. She also specialises in the sale of works, corporate collection building and art-in-architecture commissions.

Jointly, Briar and Sophie run Art Valuations NZ, a specialist fine art valuation service, Sophie Coupland runs