Disputes, Audits & Rulings

Tax disputes often arise as a result of the complexity of the current tax legislation. With ever changing legislation these disputes are not just going to disappear. 

Disputing an assessment and dealing with the IRD requires skilful handling and approach. Being well versed in the process and strategies that can be employed and pitfalls to avoid are vital for achieving the most cost effective and beneficial outcome for the taxpayer. Nigel Smith is well known in the industry for successfully handling and defending taxpayer disputes against the Inland Revenue Department.

Our Services include:

Tax Audits & Disputes
  • Our team will assist with collating and presenting requested information to the Inland Revenue;
  • Providing strategy and fronting negotiations to obtain the best outcomes and minimise penalties.
  • Leading the preparation and submitting of formal dispute documents, technical responses to the Inland Revenues queries or decisions.
Voluntary Disclosures
  • If income has been incorrectly omitted or expenses have been incorrectly claimed from your tax return, we can help you in making a voluntary disclosure to the Inland Revenue.
Binding Rulings
  • A binding ruling is binding advice provided by the Inland Revenue that sets out how a tax law applies to a person in relation to a specific arrangement, person or item of property.
    • An arrangement is any agreement, contract, plan or understanding (whether enforceable or not), including any steps and transactions that carry it into effect, and any facts that the Commissioner considers material or relevant as background or context to a private or a product ruling. 
  • A binding ruling provides certainty for a taxpayer on a tax position, it does not remove the requirement to file a tax return and pay any taxes.
  • Rulings are frequently used when:
    • The law is unclear and there could be multiple interpretations;
    • There is new legislation that applies to the transaction
    • The transaction is novel, sensitive or controversial;
    • The arrangement is a complex financing transaction