It's maybe a little different but its "Business as usual"

Covid-19 Impact

Our focus is on the health and productivity for both the Covisory team and you, our clients. We are sure you have plans in place for your work and personal situation and we would like to update you on what plans Covisory have in place.

As from close of business 23 March 2020, all Covisory offices are closed and our team members are working from home until further notice.

We have always designed our office and work to be fully agile we regularly work both from home and internationally. This ensures that business interruption for both you and Covisory is kept to a minimum. It's maybe a little different but its "Business as usual" for us even though we are working remotely.

Our teams contact details are all available on All calls are transferred to our mobile phones. We are all happy to talk and discuss any concerns you may be having both on a business and personal situation.

We will continue to communicate with you via normal channels such as email, phone or via video conference as required.

It may be a while before our normal business hours resume.
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+ + Stay Safe, Be Kind and Stay Positive + +

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