Fee Schedule - AML Services

AML Templates   One-off Fee         $750




  • Policy Statement


  • Time and Cost for Tailoring documents
  •  Compliance Programme



  • Risk Assessment



  • CDD Checklists



  • Reporting Procedures



  • Matter Risk Assessment



  • Delayed CDD Form



  • Exemption Form



Documents supplied in Word Format on a USB drive




AML Systems Audit

1-10 employees                 $3,000

10-20 employees               $4,500

20+ employees                  $6,000




  • Review of all documentation and systems onsite



  • Preparation of an audit report



  • Post-audit meeting to discuss issues




AML In House Training

Fee of $1000 per 2-hour session.

Training Courses available

  • Compliance Officer Training





  1. All prices are quoted in NZ$ unless stated otherwise and are + GST.
  2. Bespoke will be extra, charged at $500ph + GST.
  3. Prices quoted are for standard only.