Do you have it all figured out?

A time to sort your real priorities out.

Yes, it's that time again - lockdown #5 for those of us in Auckland. The Covisory team were discussing and running through plans to prepare for a lockdown only the morning it was announced - it was inevitable.

By now our practices can move into lockdown mode pretty quickly and easily. For compliance-based practices, there is always work to do. It's just consulting and project work that tends to either dry up or get put on hold until after we expect to get back.

The one thing I have learned from all of these lockdowns is that working from home also gives us all as practice owners the chance to re-evaluate what we really want out of life. For some, it has been the chance to cut back, sell up or retire. Some move to industry or take on special project roles. Others have started working only 4 or even 3 days a week. Some choose to work more from home or more often from the bach.

Which clients do you hate to get a call or email from? Who is slow to pay their bills?

It's really a chance to have a spring clean personally and professionally.

So make sure you use this time to work on your practice and not in it. What do you really want out of life, and what things do you need to change? Are you running your practice or is it running your life?

Make sure you take some time to think these things through and to at least think about where you want to be personally and professionally in 1-2 years. It may be everything is perfect and as you want it. If that's the case then make sure you recognise that and acknowledge that. If you have climbed your Everest then enjoy the view and savour it.

If you do want to downsize or sell up, we still have a long list of willing buyers, but we are also here if you want to have a chat with someone about what you need to change in your practice and how you can make that happen.

Keep safe.